Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Sim Family's Modern

So people have been asking me about my new sim family... well you can check them out at Simertainment, along with people asking about my new family, some have asked about their home... well here it is!
It says it has uploaded but I am waiting for it to show up at my studio... So I will update with the link later.
I saved a copy before I added the basement (for the 3rd original member of the family) and the things my family has added since building the basics. I will warn you landscaping is not completely finished. My sim family has added a garden and trampoline, so it is coming along as they go. It is very bright and colorful and colors are based on the sims that live here. These particular sims happen to be my 2 RL best friends simselves with my simself, so these are very much towards my personal tastes (well as far as a modern would go!)
Anyhoo lets get to it, here is the slideshow. Enjoy!

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